Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Fantasy of Isabella: The Humiliation Game #2

“The Humiliation Games, game number twenty-seven!”

Isabella wakes up in a circular chamber, with no memory of how she got there... suddenly a speaker system crackles to life... It welcomes her to the Humiliation Games...

This twenty-five year old wannabe model from the city is about to have her body pushed to the ultimate limits in a game called Fire and Ice...

 'The Fantasy of Isabella: Fire and Ice (The Humiliation Games #2)' is a 12,500 word erotica story containing scenes of whipping, water torture, gang bangs, forced deep throat, rough anal, forced sex, BDSM, pain, pleasure and everything in-between!

The Humiliation Games is open to all submissive females in order that they may live out their most secret fantasy's - the aim is to discover the perfect sexual submissive for a new era...

 ***This is fantasy erotica and all characters contained within are 100% consensual and over the age of twenty-one.***

See how it all started, search for... 'The Fantasy of Jasmine: The Humiliation Games #1'


Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Submission of Scarlet

THE SUBMISSION OF SCARLET - A Humiliation & Forced Nightclub Sex Story.

The Second in my the 'Submission of...' series - The Submission of Scarlet...

It is a story of the discovery of submission through the process of humiliation with gang bangs, rimming, forced deep throat, rough hard sex, forced exposure, public sex, foot fetish, pain, pleasure and everything in-between!

>>> Scarlet Cassidy is a beautiful but submissive twenty-two year old, she has been living out her sex slave fantasies for a while, but her new boyfriend and master is very rough with her and he has something different planned for this weekend...

...when he takes her to the local hi-tech nightclub, she is introduced to a group of guys in a private booth area, who only have one thing on their minds! As the night progresses, it becomes clear that Scarlet is about to be thoroughly humiliated and forced to show her submissiveness in front of hundreds of people.

'The Submission of Scarlet' is an ADULT only 9000 word story that contains scenes of forced sexual submission and humiliation between a dominant and his female submissive... Includes rough sex, gang bangs, rimming and adult scenarios.

Available at all International Amazon sites - HERE 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Violation of Jasmine


The first in my massive series - The Humiliation Games bring the prettiest girls from all over the world to take part in horrific forced sex games - it's goal? - to create the perfect sex slave for a new era.

I took it upon myself to wave in the new era of Extreme Erotica but this series is completely reader centric - If you wish to see a specific story within the Humiliation Games series or a specific game being played then just let me know, even if you want a specific girl's name as the subtitle then it can all be worked out :)


>>>Jasmine wakes up completely naked in a rainy jungle, with no memory of how she got there. She is confused and scared, her body is wet and she just wants to go home.. but then she finds a tape recorder in a waterproof bag and plays the message...

It welcomes her to the Humiliation Games, she has six different routes through the jungle to choose from, leading to six different games. She must choose which route and which game she will take, or suffer a terrible fate... after that decision has been made, then all choices will be taken away and the games will begin!<<<

'The Humiliation Games: The Violation of Jasmine', is a 10,000 word ADULT only story containing scenes of forced sex, rough sex, whipping, deep throat, BDSM, forced gang bangs, group sex, intimidation, interracial, humiliation, submission, pain, pleasure and everything in between! Obviously not for the fainthearted!

The Humiliation Games bring the prettiest girls from all over the world to take part in horrific forced sex games - it's goal? - to create the perfect sex slave for a new era.

Available at all International Amazon sites - HERE

Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Submission of Summer

First out was - THE SUBMISSION OF SUMMER, a forced slave roommate story - a graphic look at how a young petite girl with a submissive streak found herself on the receiving end of two dominants.

Including forced Lesbianism, forced sex, face slapping, rimming, rough fucking and everything that goes with it - it was really a breath of extreme fresh air on the erotica circuit.

Suddenly an author had come to the forefront who was not afraid to show the dark side of sex.  But in doing so she taught us that sex through submission is one of the horniest ways to get turned on.

Jade Logan has many more planned in the series and with a thousand other stories at the fore front of her wild imagination - we should be prepared for the deluge of Jade

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Friday, 11 January 2013

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